First Blog ever

Having spent my life researching dead presidents who communicated only with letters written in longhand, this is a new experience for me so before I begin I am using this posting as a test to see if it actually works



    Doris, it works! Congratulations on your first blog and your nomination for president of Red Sox Nation. We love your platform and look forward to seeing you at the game!


    Dr. Kearns-Goodwin, I can imagine no better face to represent the Red Sox Nation, no better mind to counsel the powers that be, no better tongue to articulate our concerns, nor no better heart to lead us. You have my full support, all the way from Cleveland. Go Red Sox,

    Michael Obel-Omia


    Dear Doris,
    Love your platform and I’m with you all the way.Having grown up a lifelong Red Sox fan I think you’ll represent Red Sox Nation in a manner in which we can all be proud.Good Luck.

  4. Doris

    With support from Cleveland and all of you this lighthearted campaign continues to be fun. If only our political campaigns were this much fun. In the old days they used to be more fun – with rallies, songs and buttons on display, but now with handlers, programmed responses and money spent primarily on conjured up images on television, they’ve lost so much of their luster. But here we are – with Red Sox Nation, ten candidate and an adorable dog, all having fun.


    Dear Doris,
    You will make a great president for the Red Sox nation and also would be great as the president of the U.S. Go Doris! Go Red Sox!


    Full disclosure… I don’t love baseball, but I love you! I could read your comments all day long. You alone will attract a whole new fan to Red Sox Nation just for who you are and the love you have for the Red Sox and the game of baseball. You have an incredible gift to communicate and inspire. Red Sox Nation would benefit greatly with your leadership!


    I wholeheartedly support Ms. Kearns for the head of RedSox Nation. She is intelligent and literate and her literary strength will transfer to the Red Sox. Like me, she grew up as a Brooklyn Dodger fan. I abandoned them when they abandoned me for California. Ms. Kearns will unite the Red Sox fans even more with her wonderful sense of history. So you go girl!!!


    Apparently candidate Remy believes Dodger history began with the O’Malley skyjacking in 1958. The Evil Empire had no greater enemy in the 40’s & 50’s than the mighty Bums from Ebbets Field! Love of the underdog – in every sense of the word – and hatred of the Yankees was a great basis for conversion to Red Sox Nation. In love with a young woman from North Andover, I began watching the Sox with her family in 1967. Found kinship with Yaz, a fellow Long Islander and fell for the Sox too. Linda & I plan to celbrate our 40th watching the Sox crush the Yanks in the ALCS. Doris for President – Remy back to history class!!


    I have long been a fan of yours. After years of watching my husband watch baseball, I have recently realized that I am a Red Sox fan. Go Red Sox! Go Doris!

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