Morning after Beckett

I must confess when I woke up yesterday morning I kept wishing it was already night and the game had been won, dispelling the cloud of anxiety that inevitably followed Black Friday. Saturday’s victory could not have been a better game for redemption – so good that I found myself able to sit in my seat the whole time without seeking refuge when the Yanks were up. Well, not quite true. When it was still 1-1 in the top of the fifth I set forth for the rest room in hopes that when I came back the Yankees would be out. And hope was realized! It did seem that the ball that hit Youkilis changed the tempo of the team, not simply because the fleet of foot Ellsbury arrived, but it somehow injected a new resolve into our guys. It was interesting to read in the NYTimes today about the Cubs fans who, despite being now in first place, keep remembering blown leads in the past, making it impossible for them to relax and enjoy these days. How well this describes so many of us over the years though it does seem after 2004 that we are less psychotic than we used to be and as I’ve said before, that strengthed belief in our team is critical to their continued success. It’s been great fun to get your comments, to hear your superstitions, to receive kind comments from my fellow candidates.



    Dors, you are the best! You love baseball like I love chocolate…and you go to all the games, unlike some of the other candidates, I am behind you 100%. You have my vote.


    All of us here are rooting for you to represent Red Sox Nation. It would be great for the fans to have someone with your enthusiasm and lifelong love of the game. And it would be great to see our first woman President!


    Good luck Doris! You’d be a great president of Red Sox Nation: you aready have screen presence on TV, have historical knowledge of good presidential leadership qualities, and can out-talk any of the other candidates! It’d be no ordinary time with you in the presidency, what with the team of rivals you’d surely install in your cabinet. And if the Sox don’t go to series, just wait till next year!

  4. jackie

    Hi Doris. My husband and I have been fans of yours for years and unlike the other candidates that haven’t played baseball, we’ve known that secret little tidbit of yours that you were one of us: A DIE-HARD RED SOX FAN!
    I wish you luck in your campaign. You have our vote since you are one smart lady! And if things don’t turn out like you want, and since you have so much presidential background, might I say the best ‘guy’ doesn’t always win.

    jackie thompson

  5. Greg


    Congratulations on making it through to the top 10 — as you likely know, I didn’t. But I don’t have celebrity status, either.

    I would like to see you tackle some of the hot issues that came up in MY campaign, because I’d like to know where you stand.

    History is fine, but this election is about what the RSN President will do for US, the Red Sox fans.

    So, if you want my vote, and the votes of others, it might be good to address these issues and I invite you to do so.

    1) Do you have any plans or ideas to make more game tickets available to fans, or any suggestions that the Sox ownership could carry out?

    2) Have you looked into the current legislation on Beacon Hill concerning re-selling of tickets? As a Massachusetts taxpayer and resident, What is your stance on this?

    Also, what of the StubHub-MLB alliance? Should the Sox enter into it?

    3) Do you have any ideas as to how Red Sox Nation can be united not just socially, but for philanthropic purposes?

    I enjoy reading your history, but to lead RSN, and to have a chance to win my vote, I’m asking your opinion on contemporary issues.

    I admire you for having the courage to open a blog , receive questions, and give answers — and, unlike other celebs who made it througn — you have *never* taken this as a big joke.

    I will state openly , however, that I will have reservations about voting for anyone – celebrity or average fan – who steers clear of serious issues affecting the fans.



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