Support for Regular Rob

First let me thank all of you who came to my blog and sent so many great messages. I am posting here my statement explaining the withdrawal of my candidacy in favor of Regular Rob Crawford. When I heard him talk at a candidate night last week I was so taken by his statement that this would transform his life in a way that it wouldn’t for those of us who already have access to radio and television and I realized that he is absolutely right about the importance of having a regular fan as the president of our Nation. I hope that all of you will support this wonderful teacher, coach and father. He will lead the Nation with integrity and enthusiasm and will set a high bar for future presidents. Of that I am sure. So here is the statement I taped from the ballpart which will be shown at the top of the televised debate Friday night.
Hello everyone. Let me start by saying that it is a terrific idea to create a president of Red Sox Nation. We have seen the impact that loyal Red Sox fans have made in every city where the Red Sox play ? transforming our opponents? ballparks into replicas of Fenway Park. With a president to lead us, this incredibly loyal fan base can be expanded even more – sustaining the morale of our players wherever they go.

Speaking of loyalty, my esteemed rival Jerry Remy, in lighthearted fun, has questioned my candidacy for this office, arguing that I grew up in New York as a Brooklyn Dodger fan, that it would be like making Tommy Lasorda president of Red Sox Nation. First, I confess that I did indeed love the Brooklyn Dodgers from the day when my father taught me how to keep score at six years of age so that I could recount for him that evening every play of every inning of the game that had taken place that afternoon.

Even then, however, I had much in common with Red Sox fans for I hated the Yankees with all my heart, even to the point of having to confess in my first holy confession that I wished harm to others ? namely that I wished various New York Yankees would break arms, legs and ankles so that the Dodgers could win their first World Series. The priest asked me how often do you make these terrible wishes and I had to admit every night when I say my prayers.

But though I loved the Brooklyn Dodgers with all the passion of a child I never for one moment followed them to Los Angeles. The move to LA broke my heart so much so that I couldn?t bear to watch baseball again until I came to school in Boston in 1964 and my boyfriend took me to Fenway Park. There it was again: an old ballpark scaled to human dimensions complete with passionate, knowledgeable fans. Before the day was over, I had fallen in love again. Nor could I have found a new team more reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers ? a team constantly bedeviled by the hated New York Yankees.

So I would hope that more than four decades as an irrational Red Sox fan is long enough to qualify me as a candidate for president as Red Sox Nation.

But something happened in my heart last week when I joined my fellow candidates at the Baseball Tavern. Just before I spoke, I heard a moving speech from one of my rivals. He pointed out that he wasn?t a TV personality, a famous columnist, a Pulitzer Prize winner, that the honor of becoming president of Red Sox Nation would transform his life in the way it wouldn?t for those of us who already have various honors, and that as a regular fan he could best represent Red Sox Nation. I agree with him. And so persuaded was I by his appeal that I hereby announce that I am withdrawing my candidacy and endorsing Regular Rob Crawford for president, hoping that any one who might have supported me will now support him.

As a teacher, he is in the perfect position to carry out my hope that schoolchildren can be made to love math by learning in class how to compute ERAs, batting averages, slugging percentages.

As a coach, he is in the perfect position to persuade the Big Wigs to schedule more afternoon games on the weekends and during the postseason so that young fans can share in the excitement.

I love his idea that season ticket holders agree at the start of the season to donate at least one game?s tickets to children who have no access to Fenway. And, as a season ticket holder myself, I hereby agree to donate some of my own games to get his program started.

I ask only in return that he fight for an idea of mine – to do on a much larger scale what the Colorado Rockies have done ? to have the Red Sox set aside an area ? in our case all of Yawkey Way and even Landsdowne street – covered by bricks allowing fans to buy an engraved brick in honor of someone in their family. My sister, who lives in Denver, bought a brick at Coors Field commemorating my father but I would love to see one here in honor of Michael Francis Aloysius Kearns.

Most of all, however, I hope that after we are long gone, our children?s children will speak with wonder about these years ? when a high spirited fan base led by a series of inspired presidents. helped to give birth to a dynasty that ruled the 21st century!



    I have to admit that although I am disappointed you withdrew your candidacy, I greatly admire you and respect your decision. You make very valid points and it does make sense. Good luck to you with everything you do in your future endeavors.

    I absolutely love your idea about having an area at Fenway to remember those who have passed. As I have written before, my father was a HUGE Sox fan. He’s the reason why I became the crazed fan you see today. He died of cancer in 2003 and reading “Wait Till Next Year” after he passed really affected me in so many ways. I would love to be able to honor him at Fenway Park.

    You have wonderful ideas and I hope that whoever is elected president will take everyone’s ideas into consideration. Again, best of luck to you and GO SOX!



  2. Chad


    This is so ironic; I just finished “Wait Till Next Year” yesterday!! What a wonderful memoir. More about life than baseball. I cried toward the end. Without giving it away, my wife is my best pal too.

    I also loved your insights and recollections in “Nine Innings”. Your historical works have been important to me as well. I am a high school history teacher.

    The Red Sox are my American League team and your journey to them is perfect. 1955 and 2004 is what I hope for my favorite team, the Cubs. I read your families joyful celebration in 1955 many times over.

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning and hope you can find some time to continue it even though you removed your candacy.

    Thanks for your marvelous work,




    Based on your withdrawl and request for your supporter to vote for Regular Rob, I went and read his blog today for the first time.

    I heart Regular Rob – what a fantastic guy! You have chosen so very wisely and have shown yourself to be the ultimate fan by your choice. He has my vote and the vote of every member of my family now. Go Regular Rob!


    Dear Doris,

    You were my first choice…

    I want every baseball fan to be able to access any game, all year, on their own HD television. I have no problem with having to pay a fee for it–even a hefty one. Please help us fans who are willing to pay to obtain universal access!

    All the Best,

    Doc Noel


    I just posted this on Regular Rob’s site. Thanks for your guidance, Doris. See you at the games!

    The idea of celebrities running for president of Red Sox Nation left me cold. I couldn’t believe that they would actually allow their hats to be placed in the ring. I always thought of the notion of Red Sox Nation as something for the fans.

    I was tempted to vote for Big Pupi, but I didn’t want to make a mockery of the process, either.

    I have to say: Doris Kearns Goodwin throwing her support behind you was very convincing. And the fact that you went on “Hillbilly at Harvard” was the icing on the cake. I’ve been listening to that show on Saturday mornings since before I saw Dave Morehead throw his no-hitter back in 1965!

    Several years ago, while working on the book FENWAY LIVES, I suggested to Ron Burton, Jr., who was Community Relations Manager at the time, that season ticket holders like myself donate tickets to less fortunate kids who would otherwise never be able to see a game. He never responded. Nor did anyone else from the Red Sox. We have new ownership now, and I’m sure they’d be very receptive to the idea. I still think it is an excellent idea, and I’m glad you’ve suggested it. Perhaps you’ll be able to help bring it to fruition.

    Bill Nowlin


    Dear Doris,
    I’m a fan of yours as a reader and writer, and an even bigger fan of your philosophy for Red Sox Nation. Although I’m disappointed that you have withdrawn your candidacy, I agree that the head of Red Sox Nation should be a regular fan who would not otherwise have access to the platform provided by this prestigious and important position. As a recently retired teacher, I understand the passion that Regular Rob must bring to his classroom; as a parent, I too understand the value of time spent with kids on the ballfield. I grew up in Los Angeles and we had season tickets to Dodger Stadium from the time it opened, but when we moved to Boston 15 years ago it was impossible not to get caught up in the absolute love of the Sox. Our whole family has become die-hard fans, including our new son-in-law who used to root for the Marlins. We recently moved to Westchester County, New York, and our faith hasn’t wavered although it has certainly been challenged by our neighbors! I hope Red Sox Nation thrives under its new leadership, and that your endorsement of this worthwhile candidate is successful. We’ll be back at Fenway as often as we can, and watching every other night on MLB!

    Best wishes,

    Dorrie-Lenore Parsons


    Doris –
    I had the opportunity once to sit beside you at the local coffee shop in Concord. You were friendly, genuine and a delight to chat with. It was in April, so of course there was talk of the season ahead.

    I’ve been a supporter of Rob’s from the start, but want to let you know how gracious your comments are.

    And I proudly confess a fondness for the Dodgers as well — I think often of hiding the transistor radio in my pocket, the ear phone cord up my sleeve, as I would sit in school with my palm pressed to my ear, listening to Koufax and Drysdale during an afternoon World Series game.

    With best wishes.

  8. Rob

    Dear Doris,
    It was a pleasure to speak with you – for the first time – following the debate and to thank you over the phone for your extraordinary gesture. Again, I thank you. No matter how this election turns out, you have won by being the classiest of us all. You can read my response to your endorsement at my blog,

    Warmest regards,

    — Rob Crawford


    Good for you, Doris.

    p.s I was a Flatbush Dodger

    fan also: PeeWee Reese, Junior

    Gilliam, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Carl Furillo, Bobbie Cox, Johnny Podres, Carl Erskin, Sal Magli Don Newcombe and Sandy Koufax are

    some of the players I remember

    Joe D.


    What are you doing Doris?? Don?t withdraw!! You have my vote!!! The Red Sox are now AL east champion!! Ok Ok I understand and I approve. However, Doris, can you run for president of US? I am sure you will do a better job than all candidates. In that case you will have my vote too.
    Warmest regards

    AND GO SOX!!!



    Hiya Doris,

    I voted for you BECAUSE of your Brooklyn Dodgers origins and also because of your wonderful appearances on Ken Burns’ Baseball! You just know O’Malley’s toasting marshmallows with Lucifer right now. In addition to the players Joe D. mentions above, don’t forget Clem Labine (fellow Rhode Islander from Woonsocket), Pete Reiser, Gene Hermanski, Joe Hatten, Andy Pafko, George Shuba, Al Gionfriddo, Ralph Branca (I forgive him), Cookie Lavagetto, Joe Black, Freddie Fitzsimmons, Van Lingle Mungo and of course, the Old Redhead, Red Barber!

    I grew up in Rhode Island, but was never a Sox fan, always cheered the Pirates because my Dad was from that area – GO STEELERS!!! Of course had the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn, they’d be my team. I do follow the Sox, though, watching Orsillo and Remy on NESN with my wife and kids most nights and share your loathing of the Yankees. Of course, it was a Pirate who delivered perhaps the most devastating blow to the Evil Empire – Bill Mazeroski!

    Okay Doris, so based on your endorsement, I hereby cast my vote for Regular Rob. I’m saddened by your withdrawl, and wish you all the best.


    Neil F.

    “Ebbets Field still stands. The Brooklyn Dodgers still live.” – Duke Snider


    Dear Doris,
    For your magnanimous gesture throwing your support over to Regular Rob, I can forgive your unholy childhood prayers for bodily harm for my Yankees. But as fervent foes, we have much more in common with each other than with the indifferent unfans who do not know the joy of baseball.


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